Assessing writing

Each pupil will have an individual profile of strengths and difficulties based on the three areas identified in the not-so-simple view of writing:

  • Text generation
  • Transcription
  • Executive functions

This unit examines the principles of assessing text generation and transcription, and includes:

  • The basic principles of assessing writing (using the not-so-simple view of writing).
  • The difficulties of analysing spelling errors and how your analysis should be utilised in planning and developing interventions.
  • The three types of spelling errors:
    • Phonological
    • Orthographic
    • Morphological
  • Strategies for assessing handwriting.
  • The importance of assessing writing composition and vocabulary.

Spelling errors for analysis should be collected from a number of different sources, as pupils tend to spell differently depending on the demands of a task. In a spelling test, a pupil may record fewer errors than when writing a report or story and using more skills simultaneously.


Analysing spelling errors

Spelling errors graph


Skills used

Copying from whiteboard

Spelling tests

Writing reports

Writing stories